In the world of recycling, fabric is the new paper.

That is, fabric dropped off at one of 17 Edmonton recycling locations will be taken to the Waste Management Centre, sorted, and then taken by Greys Paper Recycling Industries to be made into paper.

“More specifically, folders, invitations, envelopes, office paper, notepads,” says Connie Boyce, community relations director for Edmonton’s Waste Management Branch.

Edmontonians are now able to recycle fabric items at all three Eco Stations and also at specially marked bins at 14 of Edmonton’s recycling depots. The recycling centres will accept all fabric items, though they prefer cotton linens, which are useful for strengthening fibres in paper.

Such items include towels, tablecloths, bed sheets and used clothes — regardless of their condition.

“If the item’s in good shape, look to re-use it first,” said Connie Boyce.

What’s not used at the plant, she added, will be sent to charities.