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Turning internships into opportunity

I recently got hired as an intern at KBS+P, a marketing and advertising firm in downtown Toronto.

I recently got hired as an intern at KBS+P, a marketing and advertising firm in downtown Toronto. Although I have learned a great deal from sitting in on meetings and completing project tasks, the most valuable and practical skills I have learned were from having one-on-one meetings with executives in the company.
I was surprised by not only their willingness, but also their eagerness to share their knowledge and experience.

What shocked me most was that these senior people approached me to share their knowledge of the industry, as well as provide their advice on career goals and how to succeed in the advertising business.

They have continually followed up with practical advice and have generously shared an ample amount of reading material to explore the industry further. Most importantly, they have made a genuine commitment to educating their interns, knowing that we could potentially be the future of the company.

Their sincere interest in my career development has inspired me to work for the firm and has pushed me to work hard for the company.

Where Carla is now
I am currently finishing my last year in the commerce program at the University of Toronto. I was accepted to a global internship program for the summer and hope to return to KBS+P in the fall.

Key take-aways from Carla’s school-to-work transition

  • Take on internships while you’re still in school to gain work experience.

  • Ask senior executives for their career advice — they’ve been where you are and know what it takes to succeed.

  • Use your new connections to help you land a job after graduation. If you go above and beyond during your internship, they’re more likely to hire you after graduation.

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