Name: Wilder Weir

Who he is: Television host and the current co-host of Cosmopolitan TV’s Oh So Cosmo. He’s also the son of former NHL player Wally Weir.

What he drives: I drive a four-door 2006 Honda Civic. It’s a very unassuming car, but I love it. It’s great on gas. It was a graduation gift from my parents. It’s like a cliché, you know, you graduate university and there’s a car there with a bow on it. That’s what happened. It was a total surprise. I would have taken anything with four wheels.

Have you put many kilometres on your car?: I’m from Montreal, so you know, I drive back and forth when I can on the weekend. So, I actually have no idea how many kilometers I’ve put on it. But lots of road trips.

What kind of driver are you?:
I try to keep my hands at 10 and two. I’m pretty good. I have a little bit of an aggressive side, but I think that’s my Montreal blood. You’ve gotta be super aggressive in that city sometimes just to get a parking space. But Toronto’s pretty good. But I’m not a big road rage guy.

What’s your ultimate dream car?: I’m a really lazy person, so I think my dream car would be a limo. So the guy would just drive me around everywhere. You know, he’d just pick you up. You don’t have to call cabs or anything. He’s just waiting out there. The sports cars are cool though.

I got to drive a Lamborghini with ET Canada for a promotion we were doing two years ago. It was super embarrassing because I didn’t know how to drive stick at the time. It was tiptronic. I had to drive around Yorkville and it was so nerve-wracking. So after that I thought, ‘This is ridiculous. I’m a man and I need to know how to drive stick.’ So I learned in the next two weeks.

What’s the most important feature in the car for you?: I have to be able to fit a hockey bag in it. I wouldn’t be able to drive one of those two-seater Porsches. It would have to be something that could fit a snowboard, a hockey bag.

– Heather Buchan is a Toronto-based journalist whohas worked at Homemakers,Canadian Living, Canadian House & Homeand, most recently,Hello! Canada, where she cut her teeth in the world of celebrities.

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