Two families, head-to-head, hammer-to-hammer — coming soon to a television near you.

City TV is calling on families who have never owned a home and have at least one child, to take part in an exciting new television challenge called My Rona Home, according to the host of the reality television show Elissa Lansdell.

“It’s a unique concept with a competitive edge. Two families will be competing in building their own homes right next door to one another,” host Elissa Lansdell said.

“The families will practically be able to smell each others sweat.”

Lansdell said families who register will be whittled down to the two families who show the most enthusiasm, right attitude and work ethic.

“Whoever wins will get a new home, mortgage free, no strings attached. Who wouldn’t want a home paid for? And it’s the dream home they build for themselves,” Lansdell said.

City TV will broadcast 10 episodes this fall, and at the end of each episode the viewers will chose the family they think did the best.

The winner will be the family who won the most episodes.

Interested families can get more information at

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