Some possible alterations to the Lansdowne Partnership Plan are being discussed, but it’s not what Roger Greenberg would call a new plan.

The Minto chairman and CEO met with Mayor Larry O’Brien and city manager Kent Kirkpatrick to discuss the feedback they’ve each received during the public consultations.

Greenberg is one of a quartet who formed the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group in an effort to bring Canadian football back to Ottawa and develop Lansdowne Park.

Throughout the public consultations and his own interaction with the public, Greenberg said he has heard “tremendous support” for the plan in general, but there were parts that caused some concern.

Greenberg said OSEG is now revisiting options like the potential uses for the Aberdeen Pavilion and the Horticulture Building; the location of the Farmers’ Market; reducing the proposed retail space and accelerating development of the hotel and condominiums in order to maintain a revenue-neutral business plan.

Coun. Clive Doucet called the tweaking more indicative of panic than compromise. “It’s a hurry-up process designed to give away the park and we’re just changing the hurry-up rules, that’s all,” he said.

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