Birds won’t be the only ones tweeting in the city today.

Twestival is a gathering of Twitter users that aims to help raise funds for a charity that develops wells in Third World countries.

“I would have rather have supported a local charity if at all possible,” said Mack Male, organizer of the Edmonton Twestival. “But I think it’s great still to be able to participate and help.”

The festival started in London when a group of users got together for a “tweet up” and decided that they would raise money for charity. More than 200 cities will be hosting Twestivals today.

Male estimates that there are 1,000 users in the city, but there were 29 users registered to attend.

“Realistically, it’s still a pretty geeky thing to be on Twitter,” he said.

Twitter is a networking and microblogging platform that allows users to get regular status or information updates (tweets) on certain individuals or organizations in 140 character text-based messages.

Between Calgary and Edmonton, Male hopes to raise at least $4,000 US, which is the starting price to build a well.