One of the icons of the ’60s, top English model Twiggy, turned 60 in September.

Famous for her very skinny figure, big expressive eyes and boyish looks, she has compiled some of her most famous pictures in a new book, Twiggy: a Life in Photographs. Twiggy spoke to Metro Brazil about her career.

Q. How do you look so good at 60?

A. I’m happy with my life, I love what I do. I’m blessed with a good health, that’s the top of the list, isn’t it? I eat very healthily.

Q. What are your memories of the ’60s?

A. When you’re living something, you don’t stop every day and think: “Wow, this is amazing.” It was an exciting time, but I didn’t realize until I looked back how amazing that period was. I don’t think any of us knew or realized it would be so important. Historically it was the first time that the working-class people had chances. I was really the first working class model.

Q. You appear on the cover of David Bowie’s Pin Ups. What is the story of that image?

A. That photograph was actually shot for the cover of English Vogue. He was very popular then. We were both kind of androgynous. They thought we would make a good cover. They shot the photo, but then the art director refused to put a man on the cover! So David Bowie said: ‘Don’t worry, it’s such a great picture, I’ll use it as an album cover.’ We met to do the photograph. He is very talented, bright, lovely man.

Q. Was there any rivalry between you and other great ’60s models, like Veruschka and Jean Shrimpton?

A. They were already established, I was a little kid. But the models were sweet to me, they looked after me. I had pictures of Jean Shrimpton on my bedroom wall. I loved her, she was fantastic.

Q. Who is the “new Twiggy”?

A. Kate Moss, definitely. She is a phenomenon. She is one of the best models ever. Look at the photographs!