Twihards, Twilight moms and fanpire friend are all part of the Twilight lexicon among the legion of fans for the hugely popular vampire saga of teen romance and divided loyalties.

The countdown is on for Eclipse, and twilighters are rustling with anticipation for the third installment to hit theatres tomorrow.

And like a cosmic coincidence, the release of Eclipse has lined up with a lunar eclipse.


Summit Entertainment, working with Canada’s E1 entertainment, took this opportunity to stage a free fan event and a multi-city open air screening of New Moon on Saturday night.

“The fans of the series have just been so unwavering in their support and they’re so loyal,” said Charlene Coy, director of publicity at E1. “The least we could do is put on this free public event for the fans to come out and get the hype up.”

The event was held in Vancouver and Toronto alongside major U.S. cities, and fans celebrated by dressing up and getting adorned as vampires at a “sparkle station” or the fake tattoo parlour that set up shop at UBC's Thunderbird Park and Toronto's Harbourfront Centre.

“The fans in Canada are equally as loyal as the fans in the U.S.,” says Coy.
The Twilight Saga seems to have all the ingredients to concoct a perfect fantasy of everlasting love for an ordinary and, well, the “plain Jane” kind of girl, says 17-year-old Michelle Pan, creator of, one of the most well-known fan sites in the U.S.
“Most of the fan base is teenage girls,” says Pan. “I would say like 99 per cent are all female with the occasional guy who’s a fan of Twilight, but there aren’t very many.”

Pan who lives in Austin, Texas, could be called an expert fan, and has been invited to all of the Hollywood premieres of the Twilight series and recently penned the book Bella Should Have Dumped Edward, which has fans debating hot-button Twilight questions.

“Some of the fans, they are so dedicated, they sleep in a tent outside in the middle of Los Angeles for four days straight to see these actors and actresses. That’s hardcore dedication right there,” she laughs.

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