If Tuesday’s performance by the Sedins is any indication of what lies ahead in the postseason, the Canucks may have a lengthy playoff run followed by a pair of expensive signings.

Daniel scored a power-play goal by going back to the front of the net after crude surgery had cost him a tooth and plenty of blood less than two minutes earlier.

If he were Canadian, he’d be featured prominently on this week’s Coach’s Corner.

Henrik scored a pair and added a helper in a game that, according to those who played, was fraught with playoff intensity.

The knock on the twins has been an inability to replicate their regular season point production in the postseason; the pair has registered a mere 38 points in a combined 86 games.

Though Tuesday’s effort doesn’t change those statistics, it suggests the Sedins are capable of generating the goals necessary for playoff success.

Now that Vancouver has assembled a legitimate second scoring line, the table is set for the twins to produce. Should they realize that potential, they will not only earn the respect they deserve in this market, they’ll also earn a larger increase on the bargain salaries they currently earn.

• While many have focused on a few soft goals and his puck-handling (in)ability, Roberto Luongo’s numbers are impossible to argue with.

His 35-save performance in Dallas upped his record to 13-3-1 with a 2.02 goals-against average in seventeen straight starts. Ask the Red Wings, Sharks and Flames if they could use that type of goaltending right now.

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