iPad or #iTampon? Here's some of the serious (and not so serious) reaction to the reveal of Apple's iPad on Wednesday.

@mikeminer: The 2nd generation iPad will have a camera, be one-quarter the size and make phonecalls.

@harryallen: Please, stop these iPad jokes. Period.


@directorjc: Was initially really excited for iPad, but I'm thinking that, without multi-tasking, what can I do on it that I can't on my iPhone?

@Clairesalloum: Maybe I'm following the wrong (right) people, but all I'm hearing about iPad is that everyone is tweeting about it.

@brundle_fly: it's like we're all reliving the segway.

@priyamaine: Maybe the existence of the iPad will help stop men from blushing when buying feminine hygiene products for their partners?

@loudandskittish: So, if Apple can release the iPad for $500, why do cellphones still cost $600 without a subsidy?

@InklessPW: What'll make iPad big is open app development. 1000s of iPhone developers will make Apple, at last, home to prolific software innovation.

@funkstop: Doesn't Apple have any brown people working for them? iPad means iFart in most Indian languages #smartmarketing

@palafo: What iPad lacks: camera, (easy) ability to make phone calls, Flash software, carrier choice.

@ metaphorge: Endless feminine hygiene product jokes about the iPad are awesome viral marketing for Apple.; branding team WINS.

@swerty: I normally love all things Apple, but I think I'll take a pass on the iPad. Name - horrible. Size - Unwield-ly. Not for me!

@Eldonko: giant ipod with a different name does not interest me.

@djkelly: It's a step. Many are already using smaller versions (iPod Touch/iPhone). The pricing model and iBooks are the real news tho.

@mmmbutters: As with any gadget, I will wait until a few friends get them and I can try it out with no pressure. And then I will decide.

@brownbaggingit: I think vook and iPad are going to be amazing companions

@codytorgerson: Huge! This is the next evolution in the personal computer. I can see so many applications for this.

@trevorbacque: Not that big. It's interesting and certainly has some cool features, as all Apple products do, but I will not buy it.

@nscafe: Like most things geek based, I'll let it mature a bit before shelling out cash.

@chamanbuga: iPad is a terrible product for the technically impairmed. It's an insult to say that it will replace netbooks or moderate PCer

@DavidBurkholder: i will be getting the ipad for university inseated of geting a laptop

@ztringz: No to the iPad for me. Targets the netbook market mostly, because its not a decent replacement for phone, laptop and tablet

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