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On Thursday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo held a press conference to announce he is halting the L train shutdown that was planned to start in April 2019  Of course, Twitter had a lot to say about the important announcement that approximately 250,000 daily commuters.

As soon as Gov. Cuomo made the announcement, people took to Twitter to express their concerns about the governor’s decision to halt the 15-month L train shutdown. According to MTA officials, the shutdown was needed in order to make necessary repairs to the Canarsie Tunnel, which was flooded and damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

Cuomo announced there will be some night and weekend service changes but the L train shutdown that was initially scheduled to begin in April will not happen. While many people took to Twitter to express pleasure in the announcement, others expressed concerns about how it will continue to delay the necessary repairs needed to the Canarsie Tunnel, which runs under the East River.  Some people took the time to share their feelings about the New York governor. 

Twitter reacts to Cuomo canceling L train shutdown

At least one person predicts how landlords must feel knowing that more people will continue to live in Williamsburg.

Escape from HelL game

A Kickstarter was created for a board game based around the L train shutdown called Escape from HelL. The game is all about getting to Manhattan from Williamsburg when the L train shuts down. At the time this story was published, the Escape from HelL board game has 143 backers, raised $5,417 and has 15 days remaining in the campaign.

Escape from HelL board game

The board game's co-creator Hunter Fine told Metro that he is waiting to learn more details about the L train news and wants to continue to move forward with the game.

"No matter the outcome, Williamsburg residents will face varieties of 'hell' as the construction begins. The game is still moving forward, but we will update it to reflect the latest decisions/news."

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