One of the most important, funny, and sometimes painfully true trends on Twitter this past week came from the hashtags #growingupblack, #growinguphispanic, #growingupasian, and other variations. Non-white Twitter users shared experiences about being a kid, from favorite foods to traditions, to relationships with parents and dealing with racism.

Some users used #growingupblack to talk about the rituals of dealing with black hair, to awkward moments in class.

Others on #growingupasian mentioned food and the excitement of getting money from relatives.


While #growinguphispanic had some mentions of Vapo Rub and managing the responsibility of biligualism in the family.

But many tweets, often with a sense of humor, talked about growing up with racism or discrimination in many forms, from classmates to movies.

But whatever the experience, these hashtags are a way for non-white users to talk about childhood experiences we don't hear about often.

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