Here’s one suggestion as Alberta government employees get ready for Twitter training to help them navigate the new social media: Don’t write tweets under the heading, “Stuff My Premier Says.”

Because while the Internet might be awash in the candid ramblings of any number of curmudgeons, pundits or tweet-savvy sages, those who work for Premier Ed Stelmach will be expected to be, well, more discreet.

“There is a big role for social media in communication and we want to take advantage of that,” said Tom Olsen, director of new media and Internet for the Alberta government.

However, Olsen said it’s important that guidelines be implemented showing workers how they should conduct themselves.

“We’re still government and there are issues to keep in mind,” he said. “Issues like privacy, issues like tone.”

During Stelmach’s leadership review, he promised to do a better job communicating with the public, including using social media.

Since then, several government Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as blogs, have started up.