Some people say kids will outgrow the yearly picture with Santa Clause, but these two brothers have just proved them wrong.


Every year, at almost every mall in country, you'll find families and kids waiting in line to have their photo taken Santa Claus. While most of these kids are range between one and 11 years old, there is no age limit on posing for a flick with jolly old Saint Nick. It's good to know Santa doesn't discriminate.


Redit user Friarmarty has kept the tradition alive by posting his photos of himself and his brother with Santa every year, for the past 34 years. In these amazing pictures, you will see the two siblings grow from being toddlers, to awkward teens, to adults with children of their own.


Aside from witnessing their transformation from boys to men, you also experience 34 years of Santa Claus. Some, if not most, of the Santas seem to look a little creepy.