Grade: 4 (out-of-5)

Gamevil has become the go-to developer for RPG gaming on the iPhone. “Illusia” continues this trend with an addictive mix of sidescrolling action and role-playing mechanics. Think of it as your very own pocket version of the second Zelda game — this title has charm to spare.

The controls here aren’t perfect though. They tend to suffer from iPhone-itis, which is scientifically explained as “pretending a touch screen is a gamepad.” Still, the game is absolutely playable, which is more than can be said for similar titles.

‘Road Blaster’
Grade: 3 (out-of-5)

Back in the mythical 1980s, there were once places called video arcades. For a spell, no games loomed larger at these arcades than laserdisc cabinets. “Dragon’s Lair,” “Space Ace” and even “Road Blaster” brought full-motion video to a world that didn’t even know what full-motion video meant yet.

Now the game returns on the iPhone. It’s the same as it’s always been — like controlling a Speed Racer cartoon. The animation is top notch, and the same goes for the music and sound effects.

Again, however, the iPhone’s screen is not a joystick with buttons. This makes the kind of lightning-quick decisions that the game demands a chore.

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