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Two injured after fourth floor jump to escape fire

Two women were taken to hospital after escaping an Edmonton apartment fire by jumping from the fourth floor.

Two women are in hospital with serious injuries after jumping from the fourth floor to escape a fire in their apartment early this morning.

Edmonton fire rescue received a call from a resident adjacent to the apartment on fire at Wyndam Crossing apartment, located at 48 street and 137 avenue, at 5:21am.

Dallas Kaokeo awoke to the fire alarm and her neighbour banging on her third floor door.

She evacuated along with others while her neighbour headed for the suite on fire, trying to help the two women who live there.

"They must have been panicked or something and they jumped," said kaokeo.

Being one floor below, kaokeo's apartment suffered water damage.

"I pretty much lost all my christmas presents, my furniture," she said.

There are three wings to the building and 100 to 120 suites were evacuated, said Tim Wilson, fire rescue spokesperson.

Fire Chief Brian Hawgood said as many as 24 suites could be affected.

Firefighters, investigators and EMS are still on scene. ETS buses were brought in to shelter residents.

Our thoughts are obviously with the families of those who were injured," said Wilson.

"Its never a good time for a fire but when its the day before christmas eve its especially hard for those who (could) be displaced."

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