VANCOUVER - Teams in two areas of Greater Vancouver have been busy with two separate cliff-side rescues.


first occurred Wednesday evening near the Fraser Valley city of
Abbotsford as two cousins explored a very dangerous section of Sumas


Abbotsford Police say a 14-year-old boy fell 12 metres
from a cliff and his companion also fell but managed to make it off the
mountain to get help.


The second youth led rescuers 500 metres
up a steep stream bed to reach the unconscious boy who was airlifted to
a Vancouver-area hospital with serious injuries.

firefighters had to pluck two men from a patch of brambles and
blackberry bushes early Thursday morning after they fell about 10
metres from a steep trail along Vancouver's west side.

The two
were with a third man on the unlit and treacherous path leading to a
popular nude beach and the scratched and bruised pair was eventually
lowered to the beach where a Coast Guard hovercraft took all three to
safer ground.