TORONTO - Health Canada is warning that two lots of a prescription eye solution are being recalled because some bottles may contain particles that could irritate the eyes.

Ratio-Prednisolone Ophthalmic Solution is distributed by Ratiopharm Inc., of Mirabel, Que., and is normally used to alleviate inflammation of the eye.

All units from Lot HF26 and Lot HF27 in the one per cent strength are subject to the recall.

The notice says patients using the affected lots may notice visible particles in the bottle and may have difficulty squeezing out the liquid because particles are blocking the opening.

Using the affected drops could cause a gritty feeling in the eye or general eye irritation and could lead to corneal abrasion.

Health Canada says that one adverse reaction of blurry vision associated with the product has been reported in Canada.

The Texas manufacturer of the product says the affected lots were not temperature controlled when they were shipped to Canada. Exposure to significant changes in temperature could lead to clumping in the eye drop solution that could result in visible particles.