Two people have been sentenced after pleading guilty to causing distress to and failing to provide adequate care and medical attention to a three-year-old husky, the Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) said over the weekend.


The two men pleaded guilty Thursday. The owner of the animal was charged Jan. 28 after he admitted to picking up the dog after it urinated on the floor of his apartment, and throwing it approximately six feet in the air, after which it landed on a coffee table, the OHS said.


A second was charged after he admitted to keeping the dog in his garage for approximately 48 hours before taking it to a veterinarian. The dog was subsequently turned over to the OHS after he refused to pay for treatment.


When the animal arrived at the OHS, she was unable to walk or stand, and had severe difficulty in moving her head and neck. She has since been adopted.


Amr El Bardawil, 19, was sentenced to a $1,000 fine and a five-year prohibition on owning animals, having care, custody or control of them, or living with any animal. Hamoun Mahabadi, 19, received a $250 fine.