Carlene Clarke’s five-year-old granddaughter asked her a puzzled question Thursday morning:

“How come Shane died and now he’s alive?” The night before, the little girl had seen Clarke’s son, Shane Walters, lying on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood.

The 18-year-old was one of four men shot Wednesday night behind Clarke’s home in a Toronto Community Housing complex near Weston Road and Black Creek Drive.

Walters was shot in the legs, with a bullet passing through both calves.

No, Clarke replied to her granddaughter, Shane did not die last night. But he came close.

Clarke doesn’t know the names of her son’s friends, but police say a 19-year-old male was shot in the chest and a 17-year-old male suffered two gunshots to the face. A fourth man with a gunshot wound walked into a nearby hospital shortly after the incident but he would not tell police how he had been hurt.

The gunfight behind Clarke’s home was the second of two shootings to occur within 28 hours in Toronto’s northwest end.

Tuesday night, Randy Anthony Malcolm, 24, was fatally shot in the head just a few kilometres away on Cather Crescent, a Lawrence Heights neighbourhood also populated by public housing units. Officers found a second man nearby with a gunshot wound in his shoulder.

In 2008, Malcolm, a.k.a. Wheezy, was wanted by police on attempted murder charges.

Det. Chris Neal acknowledged his killing was probably due to a larger territorial dispute, but stopped short of calling the incident gang-related.