A two-year-old girl was killed in a stroller and her 32-year-old mother seriously injured when the pair were hit by a flatbed truck while crossing Expo Boulevard near GM Place yesterday afternoon.

“There are few incidents more tragic than the death of a child and our deepest sympathies go out to the family and anyone affected by this today,” said Vancouver police Const. Jana McGuinness.

She said it’s still unclear if the woman was in the crosswalk at the time or who had the right of way.

“We know that the truck made a right turn from Abbott onto Expo and collided with the woman and the stroller,” said McGuinness.

“The woman was taken to hospital. She has serious injuries but at this time she’s relatively stable.”
The child died at the scene.

McGuinness said the accident has shaken witnesses and the crews that first responded.

“Police go to a lot of calls, a lot of tragic situations. But there are very few that ever really impact you like the death of a child,” she said.

“When you’re a first responder, you’re not prepared for something like this, and if you’re a parent as well, it resonates deeply with you.”

McGuinness said investigators are being offered support services and victim services is working with the witnesses.

“For (witnesses) to see something like this, it’s going to last with them for a while.”

Police said the driver is co-operating with investigators, and was taken to the police station to be questioned.

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