University students will most likely be paying more for their U-Pass this semester.

A proposal to increase the fee from $116.95 to $134 will be discussed at tomorrow’s Halifax Regional council meeting.

U-Pass fees for Nova Scotia Community College students, who participate in a nine-month plan rather than eight months, will increase to $150.

The 14.6 per cent increase was calculated using an average based on the fare increase implemented by Metro Transit in July of 2009.

Brad Hatcher, a second-year student at Saint Mary’s University, takes a 30-minute bus ride from his Fairview apartment to school. He said regardless of the increase, he’s still saving money.

The proposal comes as part of a new three-year agreement to begin in September. The previous agreement expired in April.

All full-time university students pay for the pass as a part of their student fees and the pass allows for unlimited public transit access during the regular school year from September to April.