Montana residents complain of spying

American authorities are demanding answers from the province’s embattled utility board over allegations of spies being hired to monitor dissident U.S. residents.


Montana protesters of a proposed power line have complained to Ken Toole, a state public service commissioner, that they were spied upon by the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board during a conference call with Albertans.


“I am very concerned about monitoring of citizen groups, particularly by a government agency and, more particularly, by a Canadian government agency,” Toole wrote in an e-mail to the utility board.


New Democrat Leader Brian Mason released the e-mail correspondence yesterday, indicating that Toole would also be passing on his findings to Montana’s attorney general for further investigation.

“The fact that the Montana officials are concerned that the AEUB may have contravened their laws is further evidence that the Conservatives can not simply brush this off,” Mason said.

“We have the smoking gun here,” he added. “They can deny all they want, but there was spying and there was spying on people in Montana.”