UBC commuter students tired after a long day of classes and facing the prospect of an early start the next day will soon be able to spend the night at school.

The University of B.C. is offering rooms for $30 per night — Sunday to Thursday only — at the Walter Gage Residence on the Vancouver campus.

Beginning Sept. 21, single-gender units will be available — they’re made up of eight private rooms that share a lounge, kitchenette and two bathrooms.

Janice Robinson, director of residence life in Vancouver, said the hostel opened last fall to little fanfare and the pilot was a great success.

“Students may have a late-night study group, an early-morning test or want to participate in club activities organized in the evening,” Robinson said. “With this hostel, they’re able to get up refreshed and start their day on campus.”

More than half of the students stay at the hostel because of early-morning academic commitments, Robinson added, with the rest involved in evening events or courses.