Sixteen University of B.C. students arrested at a campus protest packed a tiny Richmond courtroom yesterday for their first appearance before a judge.
Isabel Krupt, 18, a first-year arts student arrested at the April 4 rally against the re-development of UBC’s grassy knoll, said they’re looking into retaining lawyers.
She and 18 other students were charged after starting a fire and blocking a police car, and said the case is affecting their academics.
“For some of us who live off campus, part of our bail condition is we can’t be on campus except for class or work, so it interferes with study groups, office hours or the library,” she said.
Kalyeena Makortoff, 18, a first-year arts student, said she’s had to get two exams deferred.
“You’re sitting with a bunch of friends who are stressed … and you’re like, ‘You have an exam tomorrow morning? I have to go to court.’ If you start (getting stressed) it’s just too overwhelming.”
The students’ next court appearance is on May 15.

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