Usually it would take a note from an emergency room doctor to get out of an exam, but being compelled to appear before a judge will also do.
The University of B.C. said it will give concessions to the 19 students arrested at a rally on the campus if their court dates conflict with their exam schedule.
The students appear in Richmond court today after being arrested for preventing police and firefighters from putting out a fire they started at the grassy knoll outside the Student Union Building on April 4.
They were protesting the planned redevelopment of the popular green space and are accusing RCMP of using excessive force in breaking up the rally.
Michael Duncan, president of UBC’s Alma Mater Society, said their deans have been informed that they’re facing criminal charges.
“It is exam season, so obviously that’s one of the things I’m concerned about,” said Duncan.
“We have worked with UBC to ensure that any academic concerns (students have) are treated in a unique light.”

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