Solving a Rubik’s Cube likely seems like a frustrating and daunting feat to most people. Solving it blindfolded, an impossibility.

But Burnaby software engineer Hong Chen only practised blindfolded for a month before competing in an international cubing competition in Toronto last year.

He took home third prize for finishing the puzzle in 3:08.
“This year I’m targeting less than two minutes,” he said.


Chen became an avid “cuber” in 1980.

“(I thought) if someone else can do it, I can do it. I played eight hours a day. I wanted to solve it faster and faster.”

He also placed in the top four in a competition in Sweden.

“It’s not for the money,” he said, adding he only won $300 in Toronto. “It’s all about your record being recognized in the World Cube Association database.”

Chen is organizing the Vancouver Open Summer 2008 Rubik’s Cube Competition, which will be held June 14 in Burnaby.

“So far we have 20 people signed up,” he said.
“I know a lot of people who play it and they might not be as good but they’d like to see others.”

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