UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has got some tips from action star Steven Seagal in the run-up to his title defence against Chael Sonnen next month.

The video on YouTube shows the 58-year-old Seagal, a seven-degree black belt in aikido, showing the Brazilian mixed martial arts star some tips in the gym.

Also in the video posted on YouTube, the actor and Seagal is asked by Silva's co-manager what dangers he believed Sonnen presents.

"Nothing," said Seagal.

"He's got a great ground game and he's going to try to go down," he added. "But Anderson's great on the ground and he's great on his feet.

"My interest is Anderson is that he's not only my friend but he's a humble man and in my opinion one of the greatest living fighter in this domain."

Silva (26-4) meets Sonnen (26-10-1) on Aug. 7 at UFC 117 in Oakland, Calif.

Silva often trains out the Black House gym in Los Angeles.

Said Seagal: "Certainly this fight is another step in the road but I believe that this will not be one of his more difficult fights. ... I think he's just a much better fighter, that's just my humble opinion."

Sonnen offered a dry response via Twitter.

"Mr. Seagal's impressive record of victories against bored stuntmen who are paid to lose makes his criticism particularly stinging," he tweeted.

NOTES -Jamie Varner confirmed via Twitter that he broke his hand and foot in Sunday night's lightweight bout with Kamal Shalorus at WEC 49 in Edmonton. The main event was declared a draw, with Varner, who said he thought he had done enough to win the fight, limping out of the cage.

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