If you were planning to go ice fishing or cross-country skiing over the March break you may be out of luck.

Even some runs down southern Ontario’s ski hills may be problematic.

With rain forecast in ski country for the next few days along with slightly higher than average temperatures during the day and no lows of below freezing, it may be hard to slalom your way down the ski hills.

While some skiers were reporting great conditions Thursday, by Friday the rains may wash out any hopes of a ski weekend.

And even though the skies may clear by Monday, daytime highs of about
10 C may put an end to the snow, says David Phillips, a climatologist with Environment Canada.

Rain is forecast for the first few days of March break. Then, come Tuesday, the sun should break out.

“There will be ... more rain,” Phillips said. “It will feel more like May than April and here we are in March.”

Officially, spring, according to the calendar, doesn’t start for another nine days. And, yet, spring-like weather has covered the GTA and other regions for a number of days.

Ironically, Phillips said, April in many previous years hasn’t been as warm as it is now.

“It’s a done deal,” he said. “You’re going to get rain (Friday), Saturday and Sunday.”

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