Jim Robertson


Jim Robertson, global business relations manager for New Zealand wine and spirit producer Pernod Ricard, breaks down some of the country’s regional wine trends for 2007:



  • Gisborne (a generally sunny region on the east coast of the North Island, known for Chardonnays and Gewurztraminers): “Look for un-oaked (naked) Chardonnays to gain in popularity.”

  • Hawke’s Bay (a typically warm area just south of Gisborne on the North Island known for producing high quality Cabernet Sauvignons and Merlots): “Look for Pinot Gris to come out of this region; I think the New Zealand style will have more weight and flavour than the same varietal from other parts of the world.”

  • Basil: It’s considered an aphrodisiac, but Kates isn’t sure why.

  • Marlborough (New Zealand’s premiere wine growing region, located at the north end of the South Island, enjoys vast amounts of sunlight, cool nights and minimal rainfall): “Watch for the emergence of Pinot Noir, which has been overshadowed in recent years by Sauvignon Blanc.”