Federal RCMP officers have charged four people with drug trafficking after a three-month undercover investigation.

Raids on four residences in Halifax over the weekend netted more than $100,000 in cash, 1,757 grams of cocaine, approximately 77 pounds of marijuana, and a small amount of steroids.

Three more people are awaiting charges in relation to the investigation that is still on-going.

Supt. Brian Brennan called the seizure a significant blow to the drug trade in Nova Scotia.

“It’s significant in the fact that the individuals arrested are at a level within drug distribution and the multi-pound level and up to the half-kilogram level of cocaine,” he said. “Which, for Nova Scotia, is quite significant.”

Brennan said the investigation into where the drugs came from is under way. The marijuana may be grown in province, but Brennan suspects the cocaine supply has links in southern Ontario organizations.

“Traditionally, that’s where a lot of the cocaine that ends up in the Maritimes originates from.”

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