Labour: Unionized city workers have asked the Labour Relations Board (LRB) to halt the City of Vancouver’s request to have workers vote on their final offer.

The union filed a submission to the LRB yesterday arguing the city bargained in bad faith by taking the vote directly to CUPE 15 members, thereby contravening the labour code, they said.

“We believe they have acted very inappropriately,” said CUPE 15 President Paul Faoro. “The city needs to get to the table … to bargain.”


The union also claims the city is preventing its members from contacting them via e-mail by blocking access to the city e-mail system.

“This is shameful, the city is playing games instead of getting to an agreement,” said Faoro.

CUPE 15 is finalizing plans for essential service disruption following a 93.5 per cent vote in favour of strike action.

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