CUPE memo entitled Battling The Beast

The union representing Vancouver’s striking outside workers expects its members will receive a signing bonus when they return to work, according to a union memo released yesterday.


The CUPE 1004 memo, entitled Battling The Beast, states the longer the strike goes on, the more the union will demand from the city.


Issues that have been put aside may be brought back to the bargaining table, the memo said. As well, union negotiators have informed the city there will be a signing bonus as part of any return-to-work agreement.


CUPE 1004 could not be reached yesterday for comment.

Earlier in the day, however, union president Mike Jackson said the memo was written last week and the signing bonus is not set in stone.

A city spokeswoman said the city was aware of the memo, but wasn’t prepared to comment on it.

The memo said the city’s last offer is a 16.5 per cent pay increase over five years. The union said it will not accept anything less than 17.5 per cent over five years with an additional two per cent in improved benefits.

The city’s outdoor workers have been on strike for 32 days. Indoor workers have been on strike for 29 days and librarians for 26 days.