A specific cash pledge for the revitalization of Union Station is expected Friday as Mayor David Miller joins the federal finance minister for an announcement in Toronto.

It’s unclear what the exact dollar figure will be, but sources told Torstar News Service the provincial share alone of the massive, $600 million-plus project would be $172 million.

Ottawa is expected to be on the hook for a similar amount.

The province is also involved in the project, and Miller and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will be joined by George Smitherman, the provincial minister of energy and infrastructure, for the announcement.

“This is a significant move toward improving commuter flow and the province’s commitment to (the) regional transit system,” a senior provincial official said Thursday night.

The city has called a special council meeting Aug. 5 and 6 to deal with unfinished business that wasn’t addressed because of the garbage strike, and Union Station is one of the key items on the agenda.

The meeting would include discussing a “dig down” to create two new GO Transit concourses, with a pedestrian and retail level below with a 2015 completion date.

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