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AUnitedAirlinesflightattendantdeployed anemergencyevacuationslideon an airplaneafter it arrived inHoustonand used it to exit aplanepackedwith passengers, an airline official said on Tuesday.


"It is our understanding that she deployed it intentionally," saidUnitedAirlines spokesman Charlie Hobart, adding airline officials have been speaking with theflightattendantto see why she deployed theslidein the incident that took place on Monday.


In a video shown onHoustonTV station KPRC, theflightattendanttosses her bag out of a door behind the cockpit andslides down theslide. She grabs the bag and walks away from theplane, which was at full stop.


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A photo of the airplaneon the station's website shows it at the gate, with theslidedeployed on the side opposite of the gate.


Theflight, with 159 passengers and six crew members aboard, was from Sacramento toHouston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport. The airplane, a Boeing 737-900, was briefly taken out of service for maintenance and then was returned to its scheduled use.

Theflightattendant, who was not identified by the airline, has been removed from flying duties. All the others aboard exited theplanewithout incident or injury.

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