A United Way Ottawa fundraising blitz held Thursday will give people who may not have access to workplace giving campaigns a chance to donate to a good cause.

The Click. Call. GIVE. campaign encourages city residents to call the United Way or visit the website to make a donation towards the 2009 community campaign.

The fundraising goal of the 10-week campaign — which officially ends Dec. 2 — is $31.7 million. In its seventh week, the campaign is sitting at $20.3 million, or 64.3 per cent.


Although the majority of campaign donations come through the workplace campaigns, “there are all kinds of people not in the workforces, or who are retired,” said campaign chairman Jamie McCracken. “This will give people an easy way of making a contribution and to rediscover community in our city.”

No contribution is too small, said McCracken. “It all goes to a good cause — to help people in our city.

“There has been a recession in the world, and Ottawa is not immune to that,” he said. “The people most vulnerable and affected by the recession are the ones we’re looking out for through the United Way.”

To give, visit unitedwayottawa.ca or call 613-228-6756 between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Thursday.

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