Officer Ray Tensing

A University of Cincinnati police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man this month has been charged with murder, the Hamilton County prosecutor said on Wednesday.

Prosecuting Attorney Joseph Deters said at a news conference that the July 19 shooting was "senseless" and "asinine."
Deters said campus police officer Ray Tensing, who is white, had purposely shot Samuel Dubose, 43, and never should have been a police officer. He said Tensing must turn himself in or would be arrested soon.
"This was without question a murder," Deters said before making a video of the incident public. He said the video showed that Tensing was not dragged by Dubose's car as he had reported.
The city was bracing for possible unrest after the announcement of the grand jury's decision.
The incident was the latest in a series of fatal police confrontations across the United States that have raised questions about police use of force against minorities.
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