University of Missouri football team

The president of the University of Missouri announced Monday he was resigning amid mounting criticism of his handling of racism on campus.

President Tim Wolfe said his resignation was effective immediately after a special meeting of the Board of Curators, the nine-person governing body that regulates the state's university system, NBC reported.

"It's the right thing to do," Wolfe was quoted by NBC.

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Black student groups and activists had been protesting for more than two months about a spate of racist incidents on campus, NBC claimed, adding that the debate drew national attention over the weekend after the football team announced it would go on strike until Wolfe was gone.

Besides Wolfe's removal, the strikers' list of demands included a comprehensive racial awareness and inclusion curriculum and an increase of black faculty and staff to 10 percent by the academic year 2017-2018, ABC News reported in a related article.

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Minority students say they’ve been the victims of continuing slurs and harassment recently and that the university's response has been weak, the Daily Beast reported, adding that last month, a swastika scribbled in human feces was found in the restroom of Gateway Hall, a dorm offering gender-neutral suites and bathrooms that is supposed to be a “gateway for the future of inclusive living,” the Residence Halls Association president was quoted in the Daily Beast.