Woman’s, toddler’s deaths disturbing

A man who rents a bachelor apartment in the home of a woman found dead alongside her young son on the weekend said yesterday the deaths have unnerved him, and that he plans on moving soon.

Though Gatineau Police have yet to attribute a cause to the deaths, except to say they are considered "suspicious," Jeff Acevedo, a Heritage College student who has rented an apartment in the split-level home since September, said he’s getting out.


"I just don’t like living here anymore … it bothers me psychologically to live here," he told Metro yesterday.

Police discovered the bodies at 145 Mont-Bleu Blvd. at around 2 p.m. Friday, after receiving a call from a concerned friend who hadn’t heard from Martine Fortin in weeks.

"It’s tragic for (Fortin), tragic for her kid, tragic for her parents and for her family. It’s tragic for everyone," Acevedo said. "I didn’t know her personally, but she seemed like someone who was OK."

Police still await autopsy results to determine how the pair died, said Gatineau Police Lieutenant Mike Lachapelle, adding results "might be back this week."

Neighbour Jeff Brown said Fortin moved in about four years ago and kept to herself.

"She was pretty quiet," said Brown. "Nobody seemed to know her personally."

Fortin was rarely around on weekends, although he didn’t know where she went. He saw little of her son, who was about two years old. He did overhear a birthday party held in their backyard last summer.

"It’s a tragic affair, just unreal," he said. "I feel sad about the whole thing. It’s kind of creepy.

"The last time I saw her, she was smiling. She had just come back from Mexico. I never thought anything was wrong. There was always a smile on her face."


sealed off

  • The porchlight at the home’s main entrance remained on yesterday and a small yellow police sticker sealed the front door.

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