Mother Nature continued her plan of making as little sense as possible Monday as another storm caused delays across metro.

After days of bone-shatteringly cold weather, Halifax saw a bit of everything.

There was snow, a 25-degree jump in temperature, then rain, then ice covering nearly every surface.


In some parts of the world this would be seen as a sign of the apocalypse. In Nova Scotia it wasn’t even enough to get most people a day off work.

Schools were closed, but government offices and most businesses remained open. There were many car accidents – about 20 significant ones between 2 a.m. and 11 a.m. – and police had to close off some steep side streets.

But there were no serious injuries. Halifax Regional Police said most of the accidents involved cars sliding into ditches or each other.

Things even went smoothly at the airport.

“There were some cancellations and delays. Not a great deal, but some,” said Halifax Airport spokesman Peter Spurway. “This was not a significant event for us.”

Environment Canada predicts a mix of sun and cloud today, then another drop in temperature Tuesday, presumably to be followed by raining frogs.

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