Though her otherworldly character Sophia remains largely a mystery, The Event star Laura Innes says she’s finding the role an interesting challenge.


“So much is unspoken. So much is unknown.” says Emmy-nominee Innes, best known as Dr. Kerry Weaver on ER.


“But I love that Sophia has a back story only we know about. I can make up anything I want about why she is the way she is. You can let your imagination run wild.”


Best described as a cross between 24 and Lost, The Event finds the U.S. government dealing with a presidential assassination attempt that seems to lead back to a group of human-like aliens — led by Sophia — who’ve been locked up for more than 60 years.

Add to that various unnamed factions — human and alien — pushing their own violent agenda, and you’ve got enough intrigue for three shows.

And for the record, the “event” of the title has yet to happen.

“The show is built so that an event happens at the end of each season,” promises The Event executive producer Evan Katz (24), who has read the various blog theories on the show.

“There’s a big surprise coming on who exactly they (the aliens) are. Nobody has hit on it yet.”

Still, you won’t have to wait till season’s end to get a few answers. Katz says some truths about Sophia will be revealed in the next few episodes as Sophia deals with an upstart alien named Tommy who prefers violence when dealing with humans.

“I think (Monday’s) episode is the first one where she gets to bust loose,” says Innes.

“You get to see her really express her real feelings. Obviously, she’s completely opposed to (Tommy’s) methods because he’s a terrorist. Ultimately, her first choice would be a peaceful, diplomatic solution.”

Come on. Can’t you give us a little more than that?

“We will learn who she really is,” teases Katz.

“Obviously, she’s a leader for a reason.”