He wants the federal government to go all the way with taxpayers.

Scott Hennig, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s Alberta director, said not only do governments need to lift the veil of secrecy on gasoline taxes but they also need to pump more into both road construction and maintenance and drivers’ pockets.

“We’ve got them to go half the way, we’ve got them to give 50 per cent back to roads. We want to see them go the full way and give the other 50 per cent back to motorists,” said Hennig, enveloped in fresh petrol fumes as he doled out gas tax money to unsuspecting pumpers yesterday as part of the federation’s 10th annual Gas Tax Honesty Day at Fair Deal Tire and Gas.


“Use it or lose it, either put the money back toward road improvement or get rid of the tax altogether.”

While Alberta has the lowest rates of gas taxation in the confederation at 22 cents on every litre, customer Isobel Rankin, who received a $13.20 payment from Hennig after a $60 top-up, still thinks it’s too much.
“It’s terrible,” Rankin said.

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