Philly looks top be spared again from two coming storms, but NYC might not be, thiNicolas Czarnecki

Brace yourselves: More snow is likely on the way for the entire Northeast.

We kid you not.

The blizzard that wasn’t in Philadelphia left a dusting in that city.

New York got hit with about 8 inches in Manhattan, and more as you headed east.

And Boston got slammed, with 24.6 inches -- the sixth largest fall in the city’s history.


This weekend, starting late on Super Bowl Sunday, all three metro areas will likely get hit -- anywhere from three to five inches in Philly; six to 12 in NYC; and up to a foot in Beantown Sunday and Monday.

While New Yorkers are still boo-hooing that they suffered the inconvenience of a forecasting misfire, they may want to consider themselves lucky instead. Talk to the folks in Worcester, Mass. which broke its all-time snowfall record with 33.5 inches.

"This is very crazy. I mean we haven't seen this much snow in a while,” Tabitha Boiquaye told NBC Boston.

She’s right. It was April Fool’s Day, 1997 when the last record - 30 inches -- was hit.

An oh yeah, in case we forget, all three metropolises will have some sort of precipitation Thursday night into Friday.

There is some volatility in the forecasts from different agencies.

Says The Weather Channel’s Ari Sarsalari:

“We’ve actually got two storm systems coming in in the next week that are going to affect the Northeast ...The first one is going to be a quick moving little Alberta Clipper. ….A more significant storm is coming in early next week.

"This one looks interesting. We’re still unclear of the exact track and its going to make a big difference whether we see rain rain snow mix or snow.”

Whatever the case, it will be a “high impact event,” he said.

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