Calgary Police have charged a man with attempted murder following a shooting on Wednesday.


At about 8:45 p.m., a 28-year-old Calgary man was shot as he was walking on the sidewalk in the 4900 block of Macleod Trail.


A man approached the victim on foot and fired a single shot before running to a nearby blue Hyundai and fleeing the scene, heading south on Macleod Trail. The victim was transported to a local hospital in a serious, but stable condition.


Several witnesses were able to give police a detailed description of the vehicle and suspect.


A 24-year-old Calgary man has been charged with attempted murder, carless use of a firearm, possession of a weapon contrary to a prohibition order, unauthorized possession of a firearm, knowing possession of a weapon with no registration certificate, and unauthorized possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle.

Three other people who were originally questioned have not been charged.

Police note the weapon used to commit this crime may have been discarded south of the 4900 block of Macleod Trail.

No specific details of the weapon are known other than it is believed to be a shotgun that may have been altered in some way.

The weapon may have been discarded when the suspect left the scene or it could have been hidden prior to the arrest.

Due to the dangerous nature of the weapon, members of the public are being asked to be vigilant. If anyone locates a weapon, police say, they should refrain from touching it and call police immediately at 911.