A man in his 20s has been arrested for allegedly shooting a
22-year-old woman during a bar fight early this morning in Scarborough.


The brawl sent five people to hospital. The woman has life-threatening injuries.


fight broke out around 3 a.m. at J & G's Bar and Eatery on Danforth
Rd., just east of Birchmount Rd., and spilled onto the street.


During the brawl, one man stabbed four others, before one of his victims pulled a gun, Staff Sgt. Robert Sandford.


When the woman got between the two, the man shot her.

She was taken to hospital along with two of the men who were stabbed. Two others arrived at hospital without an ambulance.

All four stabbed men are expected to recover.

Mohammed Sarkar, who lives across the street, said he awoke to the sound of three or four gunshots.

"I was sleeping and I was hearing this noise," he said. "I saw two people lying on the (sidewalk) as the police came."

Within hours, police arrested one of the injured suspects.

"A firearm has been recovered, but we're testing it to see if it was the weapon used," Sandford said.

have identified the man believed responsible for the stabbings and are
searching for him. They are withholding his identity.

The bar is a small establishment at the end of a strip mall.

parking lot in front of the bar is covered with evidence markers, and
investigators are still on scene taking measurements, neighbours told
the Toronto Star.

They said they hadn't seen anything this violent in the area before.