If you're thinking of selling your condo, it may be time to look at a few simple but effective improvements for your kitchen that give it a lift and create a better first impression for potential buyers.


• If your countertop is laminate, consider either replacing it with a stone top or upgrading the overall look with a wood trim or edge. Ideally, switch to quartz or granite, which will help with resale and to achieve an overall high-end look. If you choose quartz — Silestone, Caesarstone, or Hanstone are among the brands available — there are many colours and patterns available, so it will be easy to match existing colours and cabinetry in your kitchen to the counter top. Natural granite counter tops can be more economical, so if you’re selling this may be a better option.


• If you don’t need to replace your countertop, you can glamorize the entire working area with a new sink and faucet. Whether you’re selling or staying, go with a trustworthy brand for these products.


• Use materials with a high-gloss or shiny finish. This will freshen up a tired room and always looks new and clean.

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