urban outfitters depression Urban Outfitters pulled this "Depression" T-shirt after customers criticized the store.
Credit: Urban Outfitters

Ever wanted to wear a trendy T-shirt advertising a mental illness? If so, you're out of luck because Urban Outfitters just pulled its "Depression" crop tops from its website.

The retailer came under fire after selling a graphic T-shirt that had the word "depression" printed all over it; it described the shirt on its site as a "super depressing tee from Depression topped with an allover logo graphic." Twitter users condemned the store for being so flippant about mental illness.

Though many customers seem to believe that the chain made the shirt to glamorize depression, it was actually designed by Singaporean fashion label Depression, which emblazoned its logo all over the cropped T-shirt. The designers wrote of their label: "Depressed with the corporate struggle, ex-advertising Writer and Art Director duo, Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh, decided to quit their jobs to create a design institution that will be the antidote to their ‘depression.’"

But that explanation wasn't enough to satisfy those offended by the item. Urban Outfitters promptly responded by removing the shirt from its site and issuing statements on Twitter.

The retailer found itself in a similar situation in 2010 when it sold a T-shirt bearing the words "Eat Less." It pulled that shirt from its website as well after receiving a barrage of criticism on the Internet.

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