As kids head back to school, busy families are turning to technology to quell the chaos that demanding school and extracurricular schedules bring. And they’re finding plenty of tools to choose from.

There are smartphone apps that help with studying, websites that put the traditional wall calendar on steroids and much more.

Here are some of the top apps and other tech tools to make your modern family more functional this fall:

• Cozi An account at Cozi, dubbed the free online calendar for busy families, allows members to track the myriad extracurricular activities, doctors appointments and playdates, while also managing things like grocery and to-do lists.

• iWriteWords Waiting in line at the Gap to pay for those adjustable-waist jeans? Your preschooler can use this drag-and-draw game to learn how to write letters.

• Note Taker This app combines the tactile experience of pen and paper with iPad smarts, saving notes in a form that won’t end up composting in a backpack with the peel from last week’s banana.

• Skype Parents are relying on Skype to help kids with homework when they’re away for business or any other reason.

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