Coun. Sue Uteck says today’s expected announcement about the Uteck Bowl leaving Halifax for Moncton is “a wake-up call” to our city.

“It says to Halifax, you can no longer sit on your laurels and think that, ‘Just because we’re Halifax, the event will come to us.’ It’s no longer the case,” she said.

“This had become a destination event and if we don’t smarten up and do something, Moncton will be the destination event (city).”

Uteck calls the Canadian Interuniversity Football semifinal named after her late husband Larry Uteck “our mini Grey Cup.”

That will now change.

Atlantic University Sport is holding a press conference in Moncton today where it’s expected the New Brunswick city’s new $20-million outdoor stadium will serve as the game’s host for 2011.

“It comes down to a monetary issue and, obviously, they saw more seats in (Moncton’s) stadium than they did down here,” said Mayor Peter Kelly, who was unaware this decision was coming.

“It’s a business decision that they made and, unfortunately, it looks like that for (2011).”

Uteck said Halifax needs a new medium-sized outdoor stadium, in the range of 20,000 to 25,000 seats.

“Huskies Stadium is no longer suitable as a venue,” Uteck said. “And you can’t blame Saint Mary’s. They need help with funding.”