If the latest installment of the popular Twilight franchise is any indication, vampires and werewolves are the hottest thing to hit Hollywood since Universal Studios burned to the ground.

So why are two classic monsters creating such a buzz in 2010?

“They’re both monster figures, obviously, but they’re quite different in nature,” explained University of Toronto Cinema Studies Director Charlie Keil. He points out that in their differences, werewolves and vampires do have an affinity.


Sure, the vampire systemically draws on blood for existence and werewolves are more about the id “manifesting itself in an animal form so there’s no way to suppress (it),” insisted Keil. “The idea there is that the monster really can’t control itself.”

Twilight flips these ideas a bit by giving the werewolf some measure of control and repressing the vampire figure: “It doesn’t want to carry out the lethal (action),” says Keil.

While in Eclipse these monsters oppose each other, however, their common struggle has more to do with the sexualization of these characters.

“(Vampires and werewolves) are more aligned because they both do have an undercurrent of sexuality linking them,” said Keil. “Only with (Twilight), its with the sex in brackets … it’s a vampire without fangs basically; and a wolfman who won’t really tear you apart.”

So which team are you on?

Jacob Black

Appeal: Cute, school-boy looks; hard abs; very tall, can rock the short (and long) hair.

Post-Pubescent Superpowers: Jacob has the ability to shape-shift into a wolf (he even saved Bella from drowning in New Moon — good dog!) His body also heals quickly and he can telepathically communicate with his fanged brethren.

Fashion of the Beasts: Considering Jacob’s six-pack, shirts are frequently removed; often dressed-down since morphing into a wolf tends to shred the duds to rags anyhow.

If the Past Determines the Future: Earlier this year, the Kids Choice Awards chose Jacob and Bella as Cutest Couple over Edward and Bella. Ouch! Poor Eddie!

Edward Cullen

Appeal: Pouty face; often compared to James Dean; pale skin.

Post-Pubescent Superpowers: As a vampire, Edward can read minds and will be 17 forever. For a guy who’s actually close to 100 years old, the handsome Cullen is quick on his feet and can get by without breathing.

Fashion of the Beasts: Wears cool colours, often multi-layered (hoodies under peacoats, button-down shirts), all alluding to his blood-sucking secret.

If the Past Determines the Future: In 2009, Team Edward won 62 per cent of the vote over Team Jacob on a popularity survey by PollDaddy.com.

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